Audie Posadas

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Audie Posadas – Future Pilot

My passion for flying started when I was just a little boy. My father and mother both worked at the airport in The Philippines full time. So when they would take me to work with them, I would be always around airplanes. My father worked for the air traffic control, Fed Ex, and flight dispatcher. My mother worked for Continental Airlines as a load planner specialist. And my father himself is a private pilot.

So once in a while he would take me flying with him with his friends. My first flying experience was when my father was about to take his solo and his instructor took me around once for a flight pattern. And that made up my mind that I wanted to this! I wanted to be a pilot And ever since my father would take me with him in his business trips around the country, and I had a lot of fun just going with him.

And this past summer. I attended the EAA Advanced Air Academy II sponsored by the Tuskegee Airmen for 10 days. And during those 10 days had tons of fun and also learned a lot of things that has got to do with airplanes. Theirs lodge was great, the staff was friendly, and the food is awesome. I made friends from all over the country. Also in EAA I learned the
basic structures of airplanes; How they are built, their materials, ect. They’ve taught us how to build, hands on, wing ribs, how to weld metals together, make fiber glass, a spark plug holder, and fabrics. For the classroom, I learned basic fundamentals of flight, history of flight, current events, trouble shooting, an we watched a lot of movies!

So my whole dream is to be a professional pilot for a major airline and traveling around the world! And the best thing about that is. I will enjoy what I will be doing for the rest of my life!

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