Local Tuskegee Chapter Visits the Air Classics Museum

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Hey Team. See our post-event report below. 👇

On Saturday May 18th, chapter members Bob Brutvan, Mike Jones, David Watkins (AIM student), Jim Warren and Vince Saunders visited the Air Classics Museum in Aurora Illinois.

Our host, Treasurer Bill Roth, showed us around the small space inside the museum and Dane (former Marine Apache helicopter airline pilot) led us outside on a short walking tour of the various aircraft on display, while demonstrating his impressive knowledge about each of those pieces of aviation history.

In addition to providing aircraft names, model numbers, and unique features and capabilities of the various planes (bombers and fighters) and helicopters shown, he also provided a history lesson for us by explaining how each of the aircraft was used in the various conflicts where they were deployed.

We also learned about how Hollywood took various liberties with some facts concerning the capabilities of some of these aircraft when they were popularized in various action movies many of us enjoyed.

It was a beautiful spring day for the tour and we thoroughly enjoyed the information provided by Dane, our very knowledgeable tour guide.

We also bought some items from the museum’s gift shop that we will bring to our June 19 event at Bult Field. Following our visit, Vince had to dash but Bob, Mike, David and Jim had lunch at the Sugar Grove Cafe across the street from the museum.

It was an enjoyable & informative outing.🫡

Thanks. 👍🏽
Vince & Bob.

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