ETA Theater Party A Smashing Success!

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On Sunday October 24, 2010 the chapter’s Fall Fundraising committee sponsored an outing to the ETA Theatre to enjoy an entertaining comedy about the miracle of friendship. And so, at 3:00 PM on that Sunday afternoon, for “DODO’s” and our guests, “The Trip” was on.

The play, written by Crystal V. Rhodes / directed by Mignon McPherson Nance was about a cross- country journey taken by four longtime friends who discover that after a life- time of believing they know each other, find out they really don’t know each other at all. Petty annoyances, verbal battles and the revelation of an unexpected secret spell the end of the longtime friendship, but twenty years later a second hilarious trip by the women reveals that the bond between friends can be as precarious as it can be enduring.

The play was excellent and the actresses were true artists. They were able to paint a picture of the complexities of life and friendships. After the play, we were joined by some of the cast who mingled with The Chicago “DODO” Chapter and our guests. Also in the Reception Hall a feast of grandeur was set out in elegant fashion that would please even the most selective palate. Unparalleled entertainment, food and the magnificent historical Tuskegee Airmen made for a majestic and memorable afternoon. If you missed your chance to participate in this event, please lay your worries to rest. Plan on joining us next year for our third Annual Fall Fundraiser.

Sonjia M. Hall

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