Zellie Orr’s Historical Pieces

“FIRST TOP GUNS”  by Zellie Rainey Orr. A must read for all interested in the untold stories of the Tuskegee Airmen. Please order your copy today. New edition contains information not previously published.  http://www.firsttopguns.com

Zellie Orr

Vice Pres. of Historical Research & Development
Southern Roots & Silver Wings Coalition, Inc.

Zellie Orr

Zellie is a historian/researcher who has a critical eye for detail and an overwhelming tenacity to recover artifacts and resurrect forgotten FIRSTS. She has made worldwide contributions which impact millions annually via newspapers and magazines as well as televised media, including the History Channel, museums, libraries, state historical markers, street signs.

Zellie is also a published Author, “Heroes In War – Heroes At Home: A Tribute To The “First” Air Force Top Guns.” Stay tuned for reprints of this book becoming available for purchase on our website.

Top Gun Awards

At the 38th annual Tuskegee Airmen national convention (2009) in Las Vegas, NV retired pilot, Lt. Col. James Harvey III and retired crew chief, Chief Master Sergeant Buford Johnson were presented the Top Gun Award during the 60th anniversary ceremony in recognition of the competition.

The Top Gun contest took place in 1949 in Las Vegas, Nevada. A special thanks to Ms. Zellie Orr for her research, hard work, and determination to make sure our hero’s were recognized and received the long overdue honor to which they were entitled.

Shown in this presentation photo are from left to right: Chief Johnson, Ms. Zellie Orr, and Lt. Col. Harvey.

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